StreamPay ICO Bounty Campaign

Social media
January 31, 2019

Bounty campaign description

Social media

StreamPay's Social Media Bounty Campaign is launching on all major social media platforms, a user can use the following link to fill out one of the designated forms and to find out additional information at: 

Participants are required to post their Weekly Reports in our Bitcointalk Bounty Thread. If you are participating in multiple bounty campaigns, then post each campaign report in a separate post. 

Example: You are doing Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Post each report in a separate post; ie: 3 posts to summarize your weekly activity.   

■   Signature Campaign (20%) ≡ 400,000 STPY Tokens 

■  Twitter (20%) ≡ 400,000 STPY Tokens 

■   Facebook (20%) ≡ 400,000 STPY Tokens 

■   Reddit (6%) ≡ 120,000 STPY Tokens 

■   Medium (6%) ≡ 120,000 STPY Tokens 

■   Telegram (6%) ≡ 120,000 STPY Tokens 

■   Instagram (6%) ≡ 120,000 STPY Tokens 

■   Youtube (8%) ≡ 160,000 STPY Tokens 

■   Translate & Other (8%) ≡ 160,000 STPY Tokens

Signature campaign

■ Must be a Jr. member rank to participate in our signature campaign 

■ Minimum 20 constructive posts/week, otherwise no stake is given. Deadline: Every Tuesday @11:00 PM forum time 

■ Posts made in the following sections (and all their child boards) will not be counted as valid posts:

     Θ Marketplace

     Θ Off-topic

     Θ Archival

     Θ Marketplace (Altcoins) 

■  Unsubstantial posts or posts with less than 80 characters will not be counted as valid posts 

■  Must wear our signature code and avatar 

■  No red trust score 

■  No multiple accounts/farming accounts 

■  If you leave half way, you will not get paid for that week

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