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Important information about ICO Bounty Hunt and ICO bounty campaigns

What is an ICO Bounty Campaign?

An ICO bounty campaign is an approach created by startups, websites, and bitcoin loophole software developers which gives ability to the people to receive a recognition and compensation for executing marketing tasks, translation, signature campaign, or social media campaigns. The membership in campaigns is being rewarded with tokens offered for sale during an ICO. Each user can join in a bounty campaign and get a reward after the ICO.

How to find ICO bounty programs?

Usually, you can find active bounty campaigns on Bitcointalk forum and on ICO Bounty Hunt. You can find all the information you need to know about the ICOs and with their bounty campaign list. Some ICO bounty campaign includes, Social Media campaign, Translation campaign, Signature campaign and Content campaign.

Signature Campaign

This is a form of an advertisement without creating intricate images. The participant will be posting a signature with code created by the company. There different membership ranks in signature campaign namely, Jr. Member, Member, Full Member, Sr. Member, Hero and Legendary Members. The staked that will be received by the participant will differ according to their membership rank.

Social Media Campaign

In Social Media campaign the participants can get rewards by re-tweeting, sharing, posting, liking and other way of spreading the official posts of the ICO. The bounty that each participant can get will be different according to the number of followers of your post.

Referral Campaign

The Referral Campaign is one of the bounty programs which gives the participant an additional token for every invite. Usually, the bounty that each participant gets will differ according to how many invites they can get and it also differs with the rank of the joiner in Bitcointalk.

Translation & Moderation Campaign

This bounty campaign gives the participants token through translating the whitepaper of the ICO, landing pages, ANN threads and also moderating and managing the local thread. But before you can translate the whitepaper into a certain language, you have to make a reservation for the language first. The bounty will differ on what will you translate and Spam and unnecessary posts won’t be counted.

Content Creation Campaign

In Content Creation campaign the participants will be rewarded by writing blog posts or video posts about a certain ICO. The bounty will differ according to how many views or how many followers it will gain. Participants must make sure that they will meet the terms of the campaign to make sure that the content created will be approved and deserves a point.

Other Campaigns

In others, you can find the bounty campaigns that aren’t really used by all ICO companies.

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