TriForce Tokens ICO Bounty Campaign

Social media
August 31, 2018

Bounty campaign description

Social media

We have a decided to open a Facebook Group bounty campaign! 

All participants will receive 1,000 stakes in the overall bounty campaign. 

Joining the group will also grant members access to our RaidParty application (upon release), to which members can earn rewards for simply playing games! 

We will also be announcing a huge giveaway to one lucky player of 10 ETH! Make sure you join the facebook group, where we will announce the rules to entering the giveaway once we have launched the RaidParty application. 



 1) No Bots / bot accounts / Fake accounts - any bots / bot accounts / fake accounts will be deleted and removed from the bounty campaign. 

2) Do not spam the Facebook group with comments or posts - You will be deleted and removed from the bounty campaign. 

3) Do not ask any bounty related questions in the facebook group, telegram group, bitcointalk ANN thread or any other form of social media - All questions must be kept to this thread only! 

4) Any posts or comments must be related to the post or game related. Any posts or comments that are not related to the post or game related will be deleted and will be removed from the bounty campaign. 

5) Once you have joined the group, you must remain in the group until tokens have been distributed - All bounty tokens will be distributed at the end of the final token sale event. Failure to abide by any and all of the above rules will result in you and your stakes being removed from ALL bounty campaigns. By joining the campaign you are agreeing to have read and agreed to the above rules. We take these rules very seriously and have a 0 tolerance to those who do not abide by them. 

How to join the Bounty Campaign: 

 In order to enter this bounty campaign you must do the following; 

 1) Fill out the following form: 

 2) Join the Facebook Group: 

 3) Remain in the group until bounty token distribution has taken place and ended. 

If you would like to earn further rewards, you must download the RaidParty application upon release (expected release 7th May) and play the games that are listed on RaidParty. 

If you would like to join the 10 ETH giveaway, you must await further instructions on the facebook group. 

Further details on reward structure and how to obtain the rewards will also be shared in the group. 

You can ensure you have entered the bounty campaign by checking the following spreadsheet: 

If you have entered the wrong information, then you must leave a message in the BOUNTY Bitcointalk thread ONLY, a member of the team will amend it when they can.

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